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Sail & Cruise Event Consult - your partner for outstanding experiences at sea!

Yachting & Sailing Events: Corporate yachting and sailing events at sea, event charters, group charters, private events, participation in international yachting events, corporate and club flotillas
Yacht Charters: luxury yacht charters - premium yachts, super yachts, mega yachts - and bareboat charters

Sail & Cruise Event Consult - Ihr Partner für das Mehr auf dem Meer!

Yachting- und Segelevents: Events und Incentives auf dem Meer für Unternehmen, Event Charter, Gruppencharter, Teilnahme an internationalen Yachting Events, Unternehmens- und Club-Flottillen

Yachtcharter: Luxusyachtcharter - Premium-Yachten, Superyachten, Megayachten - und Bareboat Charter

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